A Nice Trip

She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she…

Well, she came running ’round the corner at a fair trot on that hot and humid Sunday morning in early Summer.  The trail ran alongside the stream meandering through a reserve of native bush where a friend and I had seen fit to take a relaxing stroll.  A cursory glance in the direction from which she had come revealed no evidence of a pursuer, so why the rush?  Dressed in running attire (Aye – there’s the rush!), complete with ear-buds rendering the wearer oblivious to the sounds of the picturesque surroundings, our unfortunate protagonist took the corner, tripped, and ate the dirt.

“Are you alright?” was the immediate response from myself and my companion.

But fast-girl was hearing none of it. She was already up on hands and knees, presenting us with a well-toned, spandex-clad backside almost before the question was out of our mouths.  Then up and away she went.  (Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride…)   Did she achieve her fitness goals?  All I know is that she never heard the strangers offering her help when she fell.  She never heard the glorious native birdsong.  She never heard the soothing trickle of the water in the stream.


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