It really is That Simple

So … I have always enjoyed nature programs.  Particularly the David Attenborough variety.  It’s not that some animals are cute or that there is beauty when the lion takes down the prey.  No, it’s more than that, it’s the ecology and the symbiosis that I find fascinating.  Insects and flowers need each other to survive and I find insects to be some of the most fascinating creatures on earth.  I’ve also recently taken up bird-watching, for fun, and justification (as if any were needed) to goof off outside.  Whatever.

The point is – Watch enough nature programs and you see the pattern of life emerge.  You see the males of every species fighting each other. You see the strong devouring the weak.  It’s not just a battle to stay alive, defending your nest means outright war!  Now consider the myriad, diverse life-forms on this planet such as mammals (including ourselves), reptiles, amphibians (like ambystoma mexicanum of course), birds, fish, plants, insects, nematodes, fungi, bacteria, the list goes on. –  Remember this one axiom and everything that follows in biology is a natural corollary: Every living organism on earth is diligently and ceaselessly preoccupied with either fucking, or eating, another living organism.   It really is that simple.


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