No Cameras Please – Take Two

Ah summer!  Most sentient-beings find summer to be remarkably warm, at least in comparison to winter.  Oftentimes the heat causes both real and imagined discomfort and the herds are then to be observed in and around the nearest watering-hole.  The consequential emergent behaviour is oftentimes utterly captivating for no more reason than sheer bombastic absurdity.

The juveniles are paddling, splashing, laughing, playing with nary a care in the world.  Their  mother frowns, tenses, then calls out in alarm: “Look at the camera sweetie!”.  The children don’t hear. “Fuck!” scowls the mother in clear distress.  Her children have strayed beyond earshot and there is a very real danger of missing the perfect moment. She can only get their attention now by wading across the ankle-deep public paddling pool, risking  having water splashed upon her clothing and iPhone.  “Look at the camera sweetie!”, “No .. look at the camera”, “STOP PLAYING AND LOOK AT THE CAMERA … now smile!”.  The false-memory of care-free play is now recorded for future playback but the mother is quickly tiring. The sand-flies are becoming unbearable and she hastily bustles her protesting offspring into the car.


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