Steam-Punk Railway-Ties

At first, Rodger had thought that his girlfriend was into steam-punk, no – not quite,  it was steam-trains.  But not just steam-trains, trains in general: diesel, electric, hand-powered jiggers.  Of course, the steam locomotives would always remain a favourite, as they do for many enthusiasts.  It would only be polite to introduce you to Rodger’s girlfriend now – Her name is Cynthia.  Cynthia has always had a keen interest in bondage, and it seemed that Rodger was picking up on the subtle, (and not so-subtle) hints that Cynthia had been dropping.  Indeed, he had, and Rodger was always eager to please.  So on the day that the local steam-engine society held their excursion, Rodger tied Cynthia to the railway track.  She was chuffed to pieces.


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