Wire Me a KettleNet

I’m reluctant to speculate too much about the new-fangled Internet-Of-Things. It’s such a huge and ever-changing topic – Books have been written about it, books are being written about it, and more books will be written about it. Technology is evolving so rapidly now that even the books which have not yet been written are hopelessly out-of-date.

I like to hear the jug boiling. It’s not necessarily the most pleasant sound, but it means the coffee will soon be ready. I like coffee. All these years I have listened to the jug, never suspecting that one day the jug would be listening to me. Well, maybe that’s a good thing – I often feel that no-one is listening to me, but in the future I will be able to sit down with the jug after a tense day at the office and we can let off steam together. Maybe it won’t ever be like that. Perhaps the biggest change will be that the next time the pot wishes to call the kettle black, it will do so using voice-over-IP.


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