Bad Day?

“It’s Been A Bad Day” – Michael Stipe

Except that it hasn’t been really, not for me, I just feel like I’ve had a bad day. Sitting down to blog about it has somehow put it into perspective.  I feel like I’ve had a bad day.  I haven’t.  Compared to what other people have been through and are going through right now – I’ve had a fantastic day. I have food, clothing, shelter – that’s more than a lot of other people have. There are no bombs dropping on the house.  No floodwaters approaching. I wasn’t sure that I would blog about personal things – but hey! – I thought that I had a bad day and maybe I should have a grizzle. Now I think that maybe I shouldn’t.  I logged into WordPress and see that I have followers. I see that my last post was Liked.

“It’s Been A Good Day” – Grumpy Axolotl.

Thank-you to all those that read, like and follow.  Knowing that someone has enjoyed reading something I’ve written gives me motivation to carry on what I’ve started.  I have enrolled in the creative-writing class.  In a few months, I’m sure to be reading my earlier posts and cringing with horror.  I hope so – It will mean the class was well worth it!

We had another earthquake today but it was just a small wobble, not a tantrum like yesterday.  I was a little bit sad to hear that a beautiful bird figurine that I’d given to my mother as a birthday-present was smashed in yesterday’s shake.  Still, shit happens.  Some people will never have the means to give their mother a present.  No earthquake is strong enough to smash love. 

I don’t like usually like music videos but R.E.M.s “Bad Day” is one I enjoy. It hasn’t been a bad day after all. Every day above ground is a good day.  Thanks again for reading.


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