The Most Important Meal

We’ve all heard that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. We hear it often enough that it must be true. Those who feel homicidal prior to the morning meal must understand. I once gave a friend a stern talking-to when he admitted to routinely skipping breakfast.

I usually don’t eat breakfast now.

There are several reasons. Fristly, I can’t spell, and Firstly, I often don’t have time. Next, I don’t eat cereal anymore (which is partially why I don’t have time). Additionally, I often just don’t feel like eating, though I always have my morning coffee.

Sometimes, I try to have breakfast. I tried to have breakfast not too long ago, but the strangest thing happened. You see, I had a female friend visiting, who… Oh, – you think you know where this is going? You don’t! So, as I was saying, I had a female friend visiting, who likes to play the ukulele. I was just about to crack open a can of whoop-ass! tuna, when ukulele-girl took music into her own hands, strumming the opening chord of one of our favourite songs, … and a sing-along broke out!

I did try.


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