Steak for Breakfast

I want a steak. I want a sizzling steak. A porterhouse steak. Thick and hot. Cooked on the outside. Moo in the middle. Yum!

No way will I settle for just steak. Whilst steak is indeed the centerpiece, ostentatious ornamentation is required for maximum satisfaction.

No longer quiescent, the onion quivers on the chopping board. The knife is coming. The onion is to be flayed, drawn, quartered and finally cast into a skillet of boiling tallow. Already the knife is hissing through the air. No escape for the onion. Off with the head! Off with the tail! The onion fights back, flooding the kitchen with a pungent scent, in a last-ditch attempt to remain whole. It is too little, too late. Layers of skin are now being peeled away from the core as the onion writhes in agony. Slice!, slice! Concentric rings hit the deck with a slap. Rotate. Slice. The knife is relentless. Onion pieces. Brutal and effective. Even the executioner cannot hold back the tears.

The crowd cheers for more! The mushrooms are next up on the block. Their crime? – Tasting bloody fantastic. The mushrooms are indignant, protesting they have done nothing wrong. The Mushrooms argue that they are grievously misunderstood, being neither plant nor animal. No, the mushrooms did not ask permission to pop up in the field, but they were providing a genuine service, tending to the quality of exhausted and depleted crop soil. The knife comes down, and the hapless fungi go to pieces.

The peppers have nothing to say but put up more of a fight, spewing poisonous seeds in all directions as they are guillotined. The seeds, no more than a momentary nuisance, are quickly swept away and the solemn butchering of capsicum flesh continues.

After watching this spectacle, the lettuce flops down, resigned to its fate, caring not to protest the inevitable. Nothing to see here. Move along, straight to the plate.

Now for the meat. Everybody knows the one best way to cook steak, yet there are almost as many one-best-ways as there are people. Growing up, I was told never to talk about sex, politics, or religion – unless trying to start a war. The cooking of meats could be added to that list. I have the perfect solution to that particular problem: The steak is cooked in the best way possible. (See beginning of post for hints)

Breakfast, yum!

Steak is not just a breakfast food, it’s truly a food for all occasions sans vegetarian conventions. It makes the perfect brunch, lunch, dinner, etc. When served for breakfast, complement with fine coffee, plunged or percolated.  A little sugar, milk, or cream to taste.
Keep the steak out of the coffee though: That’s taking it too far!


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