Fragments Estimated

You wouldn’t want to hear that I discovered a woman in the hedge today – unless she was still alive – which she was – and I hope you are not disappointed by that.

It strikes me as being somewhat silly that a fully grown woman would be hiding in the hedgerow to sneak her mid-afternoon fag.  (That’s about where it’s at in New Zealand now).  Good spot though, it was sheltered from the wind and I only discovered her because I wondered why I could smell cigarettes.

It reminded me of an incident in school when our teacher found some of the kids smoking in a hedge.  The kids insisted that they were playing rugby.  Teacher reckoned he could think of better places to play rugby than in the hedge, such as the paddock beside the hedge.

And the last of it today –  A friend informed me that the number of estimated insects was immense.  I suggested that the number – rather than the insects themselves – had been what was estimated.  That didn’t go down too well.

I’m off to count my un-estimated insects.


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