Creating a Problem

This simply will not do.
It is completely and utterly unaceptable
That there is no problem here
Please fuck something up immediately

Life should be difficult
Everything should be difficult
Nothing should be easy
Everything should be hard

How can we justify our existence?

“When PR firms are not fending off a real crisis, they help their clients practice for the ones that haven’t happened yet.” ( Rampton & Stauber, 2001, p. 116)

Rampton S. & Stauber, J. (2001). Trust Us, We’re Experts!. New York, NY: Tarcher/Putnam.

Student Party

I am the master of barbeques
Sausages, steak, onions and chicken for you
The smell of wood and grease
Hot plates spitting boiling saturated fat
Teetering on the edge of safety
Echoes the fire in the 44-gallon drum
Hovering on the edge of sanity
Old wood stripped from the garden
Old furniture stripped from the house
Odd-shoes soaked in kerosene
PHOOMP! Aerosol-can.
Wood-smoke, student-smoke, barbeque-smoke
meet halfway across the lawn and become entangled
Suspended upon the air
As loudspeakers pump reggae, jazz and dub from the trees
I am the master of ceremonies, turntables
Old-friends, New-friends, Non-friends
Shouting, jousting, courting, dancing
Between the hot-plates and the dub-plates