Blogging 101 : Introductions

Why are we here? I don’t know much about that. Maybe I don’t know much about anything. So … why do I have a blog? I honestly can’t remember why I started (Ok, I can now that I’ve just reread my original ‘about’ page). But I like writing, and that’s a good enough reason to continue. This blog presently has no obvious focus, but let me share a secret with you: It’s generally cheaper to visit a hooker than a psychiatrist (so I am told), and it’s cheaper still to write on a blog. You can say what you want to say, without having to pay by the hour just for the privilege of doing so. This year I hope to say something interesting about birds, music or anything rant-worthy. If I can make one person laugh out loud, believe I will have contributed something to the world.

I also want to get better at writing. The only way to do that is to write, write, write …

Love and pizza!


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