Blogging 101: Dream Reader

Well … Joseph, my man, tell me, what does this crazy, crazy, crazy dream mean?

Oh, not that sort of dream reader?

The concept of “My dream reader” made me balk at first, but then I got to wondering: Who would my dream reader be?  What would they do?

So let’s see.  A dream reader would …

  • Read the post.  Seriously – posts are written to be read.
  • Enjoy the post.  I would hope
  • Like the post. Press the button; stroke my ego.
  • Comment on the post. Ditto
  • Look forward to the next installment.

They would also give me all the time i need to write, by cooking my favourite meal, washing the dishes, folding the laundry, taking out the garbage …

yeh, right! 🙂




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