He aha ēnei?

an iPad
a clever-phone
an empty coca-cola can
half a cup of luke-warm coffee
resting on the table
surrounded by chairs
i can see these things from where I sit
not one is a pre-requisite to survival
but I’d rather have them than not. S’il vous plaît.

dirty dishes accumulate
while health-inspectors collect in the cracks
and flies fornicate upon the kitchen table,
buzzing with obscene contentment.

Haiku acts the Goat

Āwhina ahau
Knot my knickers in a bow
Āwhina ahau.

Confusion to go
Knots my knitting tight and slow
Socks, scarves, gnarled-up row.

Haiku flaps a bat
Straight out the open window
You should have shut it.

Haiku acts the goat
Bucks the ink-well, chews the page
That’s me outta here.