What It Isn’t

Hey poets, this poem by Mudrow is beautiful. Check it out

Elan Mudrow

Photographer Unknown Photographer Unknown

A forest is not a poem


A poem can be a forest

Sneezing is not very poetic


You smell a good syllable that makes you Haiku

Starving artists write poems


A poem does not feed a starving artist

A word processor cannot be a poet (not yet)


A poet is a word processor

Silence can be heard as empty of poetry


Silence can be read as full of poetry

Being poetic can be accidental


Being a poet is no accident

A red wheel barrow cannot be depended upon for poetry


It’s In a Station of the Metro(!)

A poem can be recited

Sometimes, (yawn)

A poem needs to be resuscitated

A monkey cannot peel the skin off a poem


Poets monkey with poems, peeling off layers.

A poem can be monogamous,


Only strict meter and rhyming couplets

A poem…

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