When the Rubber meets the Poet

I love my rubber duckies,
All lined up in the tub.
Smilling at me comically,
When I reach down to scrub.🛀🐤

I love this rubber dog-bone.
Fucked if I knows why.
I only have it on loan.
It isnt mine to fry.🐶

I love my rubber-spiders.
They came from my Aunt Mabel.
Eek!, they freak the dinner guests,
When left out on the table.🕸

I love this rubber chicken.
I got a cracker deal.
Police still looking for me.
It really was a steal.🐔

I love my rubber balls.
They bounce like nothing else.
You were waiting for that one.
But nothing rhymes with else.⚽️

I love this rubber suit.
It complements my flippers.
I don a kinky snorkel,
And go diving with the strippers.👯

I love my rubber-panties.
I love the way they feel.
But when they catch my lady-bits,
By golly – do I squeal!💃✨


One thought on “When the Rubber meets the Poet

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