A Classic Tale of Six Words

It was reading Unbolt‘s story about tortoise that inspired me to try some six-word stories of my own. If you’ve never tried it, it’s hard! But it’s also a fun exercise when you don’t know what else to do, and rewarding when you get something good. A six-word sentence is dead easy, but packing in a story? That requires a little more effort. One of the coolest things about ‘tortoise’ is that so much of the story is left unstated, but the reader can easily infer the potential disaster.
Several of my own six-word stories to date have taken a poetic approach and rely on alliteration. I try to make them humorous as that is easier (for me) than telling a tale in such a short space. I hope it makes them worth reading. Also, I cheat a little by giving them titles, and making up words such as ‘twisticulating’.  I have some more ideas fermenting in the back room, so stay tuned (like a well-tempered clavier).

I was playing with some random-sentence generators and they produced a couple of gems that would have made great micro-fictions, if I had only written them myself. Unfortunately, I cannot take credit. The first is “The cowardly mind authorises the oil”. This had me in near hysterics. Maybe it could be improved by replacing ‘cowardly’ with another word. Maybe not. The runner-up was “The destruction modifys the thing”. I wholeheartedly agree.


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