Six-Word Stories #18 (Quake)

Fuck! – That was a big one!

You may have seen the “quake-island cows” in the news?

Early Monday morning, Most of New Zealand were rudely shaken awake by a terrifying Magnitude 7.8 earthquake. It was the strongest and longest quake I have ever felt. The were reportedly 2 earthquakes at the same time which is why it went on so long. 2 minutes it lasted. That’s a long time to be wondering when the world will stop moving and whether you will still be alive when it does. The quake was also unusual in that it was quiet and gave a slow-swaying motion. Often a quake is violent and shuddering and accompanied by a roar. This one felt as if the house was riding on a boat.

There was very little damage where I live, but Kaikoura has been devastated and Wellington city have had to close several buildings. Many lives would have been lost, had the quake struck during work-hours. Thankyou to all the countries that sent boats and aid to help the people and animals of Kaikoura. ❤️

In Māori: Kai = eat/food. kōrua = crayfish. And yes, Kaikoura is famous for its crayfish.


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