Prompt: Lifestyle

So there was that time I visited a nudist resort. I was utterly horrified by what I saw. Here are some examples of what the utterly loathsome perverted creatures who haunt such locales partake in

  1. They swim in the pool
  2. Do gardening
  3. Play darts
  4. Play foos-ball
  5. Read books
  6. Play billiards
  7. Cook food on a barbeque
  8. Drink beer
  9. Play table-tennis
  10. Socialise
  11. Swim in the pool again
  12. Followed by sunbathing
  13. Play board-games
  14. Hold pot-luck dinners
  15. Waste time on jigsaw puzzles

All that and more … with bare bottoms.


There ought to be a law.

Seriously though. If you have never partaken in naked swimming or sunbathing, you are missing out on some of life’s most simple and natural pleasures.

Moreover: Today is World Naked Gardening Day. Dig it man! But I live in the Southern Hemisphere. Venture outside naked at this time of year and it’s stiff-nipples guaranteed.

(C) Grumpy Axolotl


Essence of slithering snake-oil
Viper-vapour, voodoo-venom
Drifting upon the air
Bemixt with mist of mushroom
Gibber gibber
Permeating baffled bedsheets
Gibber gibber
A malodorous melody for your malady
The witch-doctor is in the house
Gibber gibber
The witch-doctor is in your house
Gibber gibber

(C) Grumpy Axolotl
Prompt: Aromatic