Essence of slithering snake-oil
Viper-vapour, voodoo-venom
Drifting upon the air
Bemixt with mist of mushroom
Gibber gibber
Permeating baffled bedsheets
Gibber gibber
A malodorous melody for your malady
The witch-doctor is in the house
Gibber gibber
The witch-doctor is in your house
Gibber gibber

(C) Grumpy Axolotl
Prompt: Aromatic

Six-Word Stories #9 – #13 (Club Night)

Sultry saxophones shift slowly, slipping smoothly.


Sly snorting sexophones sip steaming snakeoil.

But then

Stroppy sturdy stacatto shatters several sensibilities.


Svelte strippers steal shimmering sky-stars.


Stephanie’s soothing sensual string-section sings.

(C) Grumpy Axolotl
Featured Image: Pixabay


Dailypost Prompt: Carefree

They come in all shapes and sizes. Actually they don’t really; they are all made out of tiffy-taffy and all very much the same. It’s the packaging that varies wildly. Walking down that aisle of the supermarket, it always fills one with superstitious and suspicious awe and wonder. The explosion of colors, patterns, styles. The uplifting mantras of confidence, hope, protection. The miracle of life, the mystery, the wish for a hysterectomy, the .. what the fuck?

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