High Fantasy in Low Places

When it comes to fantasy, I don’t know Jack (unless I can count that kid who traded his cow for beans). I have read much of Pratchett and some of Eddings, but that’s about it.

Enough about me already … I recently read a fantasy story that kept me up reading past my bedtime a few nights because I just couldn’t put it down. The story is Captain Rob Fights by Blaine Arcade. Although the title didn’t exactly grab my attention, I follow Blaine’s blog so when it appeared in my reader I had a look … and didn’t come back for a while. What did pique my interest was … In Blaine’s own words (copied verbatim-ish) :


I Wrote a Fantasy Novel Set Entirely in a Public Restroom


Shut up, yes I did. This is not a joke. Well, it is a joke… but it’s a two hundred page joke that takes itself very seriously. It’s called Captain Rob Fights. One day I had a thought: What if I set a high fantasy in the lowest of places? It was originally going to be a short story, but then I had another thought: What if I stretched this one ply concept beyond all reason? Yeah, I’ll do that. So I did. 

 It has all the fixtures you’d expect of the genre from strange creatures and ancient magic to powerful relics and jaw-dropping battles. It also has all the fixtures of a bathroom… from sinks to hand dryers

<end of excerpt>

He has even drawn a map. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out! Captain Rob Fights

Disclaimer: Although Blaine has written a couple of short-stories for me, we do not know each other personally and I am not implying that we are associated in any way. Blaine has not asked me to promote this story (or to do anything). I am sharing it because I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you will too.