I tried to photocopy the cat.

How profusely I bleed.

The cat is sleeping now. I should do the same.

(C) Grumpy Axolotl
Prompt Copycat


Sharing the Rug

Apologies to the author of this poem. Who are you?

See, I remember hearing this rhyme as a child. I didn’t write it myself, but it’s too good not to share, so …

Thanks for laying the carpet Dad. 
Thanks for showing me how. 
But, what’s that lump in the middle there, 
That keeps on saying “Meeow”?


Well, now it just gets silly …

The cat couldn’t care less. She has been sleeping in an undisclosed location. All I know is that she’s inside – which means she can come wake me up when she determines that it is time for her breakfast. She doesn’t like cuddles but she does enjoy sitting on my lap – especially if I’m watching TV, or trying to read. She chirps and meows at me. I talk back in English. We enjoy a mutual incomprehension. If only we both spoke common Latin.

Hard-Drive Talking Blues

I imagine the rhythm of this poem in the form of a Dylan “talking blues”
Until I lose the plot and hit you with the CCR reference. You’ll have to find your own way from there.

Was using a fancy computer one day
Asked the hard-drive what it had to say
It said “I’ve been driving hard all week”
“Now I just want to sit and spin for a while”

And or course the cat was her usual self
Leering at me from the highest shelf
I said “cut that out”
But she kept on leering
Must be out of cat-food

Well, in the kitchen, washing dishes
After a meal so delicious
I let the water drain from the sink
Watched it spin for a while
Coriolis effect

Big hard-drive keep on turnin’
Good pussy, keep on purring

Data, Information, Formatting a hard-drive.