Cider, Eggs, Kidneys … Action!

A free-writing exercise for writing 101.  Unedited – mistakes and all.  Starts now:

 i hate free qriting. grrr muckle bubble pop.  I’ve been playing clash of clans and making sauerkraut and kombucha and washing the disheas and playing the saxophone.

Kopparberg.  It’s a cider. Keep it in the fridge.  Im trying it for the firrst time today.  Stawberry and apple.  Blergh. way too sweet.  Tastes like bubbly syrup.  I’m used to cider having a sour taste.  Now I’ve got another 3 bottles of the crap to get through.  Maybe the other lavours wont be as sweet.  They probably will be though.  4% alcohol .  I don’t drink a lot. ug. its making me sweat.  too hot. Had scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Very, very nice.  Aparently, they used butter instead of cream.  And I read that, in one heartbeat, the kidneys flter 25% of the blod-supply.  Now what the fuck is blood supply?  Is it the amount of blood in the body, or is it the amount of blood delivered to the kidneys during that time, or are they they same thing.  I also bought an Easter egg for a friend.  Easter was yesterday (NZ time) so chocolate eggs are cheaper today.  Nice how that works out.  I setup an easter-egg hunt formy significant cuddler and she was very happy.

Kidneys, cider and chocolate eggs.  Please dont make that at home.