Six-Word Stories #18 (Quake)

Fuck! – That was a big one!

You may have seen the “quake-island cows” in the news?

Early Monday morning, Most of New Zealand were rudely shaken awake by a terrifying Magnitude 7.8 earthquake. It was the strongest and longest quake I have ever felt. The were reportedly 2 earthquakes at the same time which is why it went on so long. 2 minutes it lasted. That’s a long time to be wondering when the world will stop moving and whether you will still be alive when it does. The quake was also unusual in that it was quiet and gave a slow-swaying motion. Often a quake is violent and shuddering and accompanied by a roar. This one felt as if the house was riding on a boat.

There was very little damage where I live, but Kaikoura has been devastated and Wellington city have had to close several buildings. Many lives would have been lost, had the quake struck during work-hours. Thankyou to all the countries that sent boats and aid to help the people and animals of Kaikoura. ❤️

In Māori: Kai = eat/food. kōrua = crayfish. And yes, Kaikoura is famous for its crayfish.

So … What’s Next?

2016 !  Heck – I remember being concerned about the Y2K-bug, and the sense of relief when I woke up on 1st-Jan 2000 to find that my home still had electricity (I was into weird sex even back then).

I don’t do new-year’s resolutions. The resolution of this tablet’s display is high enough already, thank you very much. “Retina”, Apple calls it.

Grumpy Axolotl has been pseudo-grumping for 2 years now (I had a previous wordpress blog with a different name and very little on it which is now sleeping with the Automattic-fish). I say pseudo-grumping, as most of my rants are fairly tame really, or at least, tackle non-controversial subjects. I thought I would have a lot to say about political issues, but actually, I don’t. Or maybe I do, but … If I genuinely feel strongly about something, I’ve already read an opinion-piece that beats the pants off anything I could have written, and I have nothing to add. See, I’m actually fairly new to writing and get frustrated easily. I can string together a grammatically correct sentence, but paragraphs and form are a real struggle. Ooh, I’m feeling the grump today. And what if I say something factually incorrect? Wrong. Wrong – On the fucking Internet. Oh, for shame! I’ll lose all my followers and be forced to change my name and move to a land far-far-away that no-one’s ever heard of, such as New Zealand. Hey – Get your filthy hands off my ewe!

XKCD nails it:


I don’t want to be a part of that.

After a somewhat-hiatical 2015, I’ve been investing more effort lately, and poetry seems to be my strong-point (or at least something I can get away with). Fiction is something I still wish to dabble in. I’m not interested in writing novels. That’s not for lack of confidence; I’m simply not interested. Novels are for reading. I do wish to create short-stories though, and I’ve recently rediscovered micro-fiction. I think I can build on that. I really enjoyed my recent one-sentence post: Recipe for Disaster. I was in a cafe with my writing notebook and saw a glass-lidded cake-thingy-container with the words “Cheese-Scones” written on it. Hey presto! – story. That doesn’t happen often enough.

Maybe I should resolve to use fewer commas and exclamation-marks!

Oh, and you can ignore that weird-sex comment at the beginning.  I just threw that in because sex sells!, though I do genuinely enjoy ** BLOGGING ERROR 3.14159: TOO-MUCH-INFORMATION. POST TERMINATED. **

Sleep, Dogs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

It’s raining. I love the sound of rain on the roof when I’m inside. Who doesn’t? Rain is just what we need in this part of the world right now. It’s Summer and we tend to get droughts here – Last year’s was particularly bad. We also get floods, and the occasional volcanic eruption. This is New Zealand. I’ve seen snow on Christmas Day here – how bizzare!

I was trying to sleep this afternoon. I didn’t sleep well last night: A dog in the hallway started practicing fire-engine imitations in the small hours and I was awoken again later by another pooch sticking a nose in my ear (That tickles).
Anyway, this afternoon. I had been asleep for maybe fifteen minutes, but was tossing and turning, and then the rumbling started. It’s a low rumble similar to a heavy train close by or even a high wind giving the trees hell. But still different, and when you hear that rumble – you know what’s coming…


Earthquakes are not uncommon here, but they can be scary. The worst thing is, once it starts – there is no way of knowing how long it’s going to last or how bad it’s going to get. This one wasn’t too long or too short (is there an optimal length?) but rocked and rolled a fair bit and it was one of the stronger ones I’ve felt. It was felt the entire length of the country and caused some minor damage – though we’ve had worse in the last 6 months. The two dogs staying at my house – I thought they would go nuts but they were calmer than I was and didn’t seem fussed at all.

The dust and the day are now settled, and a gentle evening rain cools the earth.